Are You A ‘Snooze Button’ Junkie?

One-of our visitors submitted a demand… “just how do I get right up early each day without reaching the snooze button?”

Because I can quickly relate solely to this matter when reading this demand I chuckled. I confess I also am a ‘snooze button’ fan! I thought by putting my alarm clock throughout the place, I had created an answer for this dilemma. Our logic was that once I was up, I wouldnot wish to go back to sleep…WRONG! I hit the rest button jump-up and then gleefully jump straight back into my nice cozy bed. And, I will do it more often than once! I understand it’s really a ridiculous routine. Oh, and incidentally, my time is ready 15minutes in front of the actual amount of time in addition!

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I decided that when the audience and I both are struggling with this problem, then you can find other ‘sleep option’ lovers in our area.

Most of us realize that this is a behavior and behaviors could be modified – IF we choose to take action. It requires 21 times to alter a behavior. So just do we have a habit from troublesome, interfering, or awkward into really developing a new routine for ourselves? Not feel much better whenever you really do it and make the decision to change?


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